Environmentally-Responsible Commitment, Certifications and Patents

For several years now Postforming has adopted an ecologically-responsible attitude and have evolved our processes in this way.

In particular, we wish to:

- ensure a quality product while reducing our impact on the environment;
- sort and recycle waste as much as possible;
- reduce our environmental emissions;
- optimize our consumption of energy and raw materials;
- co-ordinate our environmental policy with our Quality and Safety procedures.

For example, we have installed:

- 1 dumpster for non-hazardous industrial waste
- 1 dumpster for wood
- 1 dumpster for cardboard and plastics
- 2 dumpsters for wood dust
- 1 dumpster for scrap metal
- 1 dumpster for aluminium
- 1 dumpaster for stainless steel
- 1 treatment tank for viscous waste
- 1 treatment tank for contaminated viscous waste containers

Discipline and rigour have enabled us to achieve these objectives while at the same time improving knowledge and control of these major targets.

Dupont ™ Corian ® - certified transformer

Corian ® is a brand created by DuPont™. It consists of two-thirds mineral fillers and one-third of acrylic resin. This composite material is extraordinarily adaptable. It forms part of the so-called ‘solid surface’ category.

Postforming shapes it and thermoforms it using advanced equipment to produce many types of furniture: tables, countertops, worktops, vanity units and washbasins, signages etc.

PostCompact - certified CSTB concept - CSTB patented and certified in 2005

The process consists of partition's units prefabricated in the factory and fit together on site.

These high-pressured laminate  (HPL) panels are very resistant to water and mechanical shock, which makes them perfectly appropriate for the layout of cleanrooms.

Today, with its unlimited and simplified decoration possibilities, the PostCompact partition can be adapted to the related constraints of a wide range of spaces.

PostMelamine - trademark registered in 2014

The process is made of modules made of water-repellent melamine panels. It is intended for the production of dividing's partitions which are not meant to be cleaned withe a large amount of waterr. There are also many customization possibilities with this product allowing its use in many projects.

PostCeiling - trademark and patent registered in 2014

The method relates to a false ceiling structure made up of vertical decorative slates intended to give public spaces an original design, to hide possible technical ducts and also to attenuate the lateral transmission of sound-waves given off from customers, especially voices.

A wide variety of slates finishes allows customisation to many decorative concepts.

PostWood 2012

The process involves sandblasting, printing an image of aged wood and varnishing a three-ply panel. This guarantee to obtain the effect of an old wooden plank. It is used in wall cladding and to make decorative partitions.

Qualibat :

Our partners Expert Pose and Ets Brigand are QUALIBAT certified.
This professional certification is the recognition of the technical capacity to carry out work at a defined level of technicality.

This certification may be mandatory on certain projects.
Expert Pose is qualified for tiling and coating (code 6311).
Brigand is qualified for the supply and installation of wooden carpentry (code 4311).