AD Intérieur

In 2015, we were part of the exhibition "A l'avant-garde du style", the sixth edition of AD Intérieurs at the Palais d'Iéna in Paris (16th arrondissement).
15 interior designers selected by the magazine were tasked with reinventing the house of tomorrow. We worked on the kitchen-library of Patrick Norguet.

On either side of a wide glass bookcase into which he had integrated a chimney, kitchen block and sink, he fit-out a reading nook and a dining room. We created the kitchen block in solid wood, one of the key elements and central to the project, which was then fitted onto glass walls. Patrick Norguet wished to play with the effect of a solid block becoming aerial with the lightness of the glass walls. A technical difficulty resolved with a successful fit-out.

We also coordinated the logistics and carried out the installation of all the elements of the lay-out. A very high-standard presentation using luxury objects and materials to the very best of their possibilities.