La Maison Clément

The origin of this project, is related to two separate shops wishing to come together to form a common place: 1001 Vins, a wine merchant and La Ferme De Veau, a delicatessen. The requirement was to have a sales area and a tasting area while successfully showing all of the many products offered for sale.

We created a warm cosy and welcoming ambiance showcasing cases of wine on the central island, using neutral colours punctuated with touches of orange recalling the new logo of the shop, with real cement tiles for the tasting area giving a retro style.

For this project too, we have managed the whole project from A to Z: from the first meeting with the customer about their intentions, needs and budget, the on-site survey, decorative concept, administrative authorizations, decorative and manufacturing drawings, the project management, the manufacture, and the installation up to the handover of the works.