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Materials in Light Forum

Materials in Light 2015 (first edition) was among the highlight events in the field of architecture and building for the year 2015. This was an event organized by the magazine d'a and the THEMA DESIGN agency where manufacturers, promoters and architects could meet and exchange ideas about materials and light.

Dupont™ Corian® was one of the exhibitors. The group entrusted us with the design and realization of a Corian® sculpture showing the diffusion of light through this material while demonstrating its many transformation capacities.

We achieved this goal with a unique piece composed of an the upper part being a ‘lampshade’ revealing the shapes of branches thanks to the diffusion of the light; at the centre, a ‘skeleton’ in Corian® created with strips giving the illusion of movement; and, in the lower part, ‘roots’ tangled with each other.