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We have been working for McDonald's since 1989 and are supplying furniture and kitchen equipment for this brand.

Among other things, we produce: tables, counters, rubbish bins, vanity tops, Happy Meal display cabinets, furniture for staff rooms, decorative interior partitions, and meal's assembly modules for the parts of the kitchen visible by customers.

We also do the interior arrangement and project management for many restaurants and have developed the majority of decorative concepts with the designers.

Today we use some of these concepts ourselves when producing the interior design book for makeover projects in existing restaurants.
We use our PostCompact* and PostMelamine* partitions for the back parts of restaurants. We developed the PostWood* for the Wood & Stone concept and the PostCeiling* for the NoDeco concept. We are always on the look for solutions to technical issues, and work with the budgets and deadlines imposed.

We have carried out many projects in France for this client and also in Europe, Africa and the United States.


* See Environmental commitment, certifications and patents tab