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#2 Philosophy

Postforming Industrie is a service
company that is constantly changing according to the needs and deadlines of its customers. Reactivity is our strength ; quality of work is our guideline.
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Every customer is a priority; we strive to respond effectively to all requests. We adapt to deadlines with a dedicated team and a partnership with our suppliers to maintain the stock of raw materials.

This great reactivity is essential for us today to ensure the scheduling of ever-tighter work sites and to remain a leader in industrial interior design.

The quality of our production is also a strong key point to help us stand out from competitors and retain our customers’ loyalty.
For Emmanuel Brigand, head of Postforming Industrie "a well-done job doesn’t take longer than a job done badly".
This love for well-done work, well thought-out detail and finishes are the keys to a successful project.

Motivation, evolution and movement are the keywords of a young and passionate team.
This allows multiple talents to express themselves. Site managers, draftpersons, graphic designers, woodworkers/the fit-out team, metalworkers /metal machiners, buyers, project managers : all contribute to bring to life excellence with rigour, professionalism and creativity.
The dialogue between all the members of each department fosters harmony and good communication. This dialogue promotes collabroation working instead of a hierachy which gives us better results.

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Thanks to its design department and the strength of its long industrial experience, Postforming advises and carries out turnkey interior design projects: from the initial design creation, the record of site measures, the lay-out, the administrative authorizations, manufacture, up to installation and the management of other trades on site.
One single person is dedicated to the project as primary contact for all exchanges.
We control the entire process, which allows us to provide quick and targeted answers.

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