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#4 Installation

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Our teams of qualified installers operate throughout France and abroad.

Each team has a team leader, who is responsible for the smooth running of the site and for making technical decisions. The leader is the one who have direct contact with the Project Manager.

The teams’ experience and skills enable us to carry out a multitude of projects for individuals, businesses, up to industry and cleanrooms. We can work either for a local craftsman and for a very high-standing Parisian boutique.
We offer a very wide range of services to meet the needs of each client.

Each piece gets special thoughts at the time of its conception for an easier and faster mounting on-site (several modules for large ones, possibility of simple adjustments, invisible mounting brackets directly integrated, etc.).
Respect of the cleanliness and tidyness of the site and for the work carried out by the other trades involved in the project is very important.

The safety of the tradesman involved is essential. For this, we have set up:

- procedures
- a prescribed uniform
- suitable equipment

The detail and level of finishes are also two key elements for each of our projects.
Our partners Brigand and Expert Pose complete the know-how of the teams in order to make interior carpentry, tiling, installing lining and Placostil partitions or even false ceilings.

We can offer an overall solution including all these types of work.

A fleet of some 20 vehicles, ranging from cars to 19-ton heavy trucks, has been built up. Each truck is allocated depending on the work and site to the installation team. The building also have a loading dock for trucks.

Everything is done in a way to simplify and facilitate the work of the installers, the final link in the Postforming chain, in order to apply our philosophy there too: efficiency and quality.

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