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Our customers were looking for qualified companies capable of proposing appropriate concepts, listening carefully, reacting quickly and producing quality furniture. We have therefore transformed and developed our business with the aim of helping them to renovate their existing properties or create new, more modern and more appropriate residences. To achieve this, a special EHPAD section has been created within our design office. The production unit has also been upgraded to dedicate part of it to the mass production of specific furniture.

Research and development:

We work our concepts in two distinct parts: the rooms and the common areas. For each part and project, we carry out:

- General implementation plans,
- Mood boards showing the different colour schemes,
- 3D views of the whole,
- Detailed plans of each piece of furniture (these plans will be used to creat a prototype that can evolve
according to the different requirements of our customers).

The rooms:

The principle for each room model is to offer a choice thanks to a variation of colors and to give residents the
opportunity to personalise their space so that they can feel at home.

2021-Marcy-Terrasses-Etoile-VWilliet-HD (5).jpg

The general idea is to bring a warm, modern feel while keeping more traditional touches in the materials and shape of
some furniture. To achieve this, we choose different wood tone finishes and a harmonious combination of colours.

The decors we create especially for headboards come in a range of colours and variations. This is also the case for the
entire colour palette of each of our concepts, with the aim of offering catalogues with different atmospheres.

The general layout of the room is designed to allow a person in a wheelchair to move around easily. Each piece of
furniture is designed to preserve the resident's independence as much as possible:

- A light switch on the bedside table,
- A washbasin accessible to people with reduced mobility,
- Contrasting equipment (lift bar, switches, etc.).

We select suitable coverings such as laminate, compact, Corian® and Silvertex® to make the products easier to
maintain and last longer.
A show chamber is systematically created, whether in a new building under construction, as part of a renovation or by
recreating the entire volume in our production unit.


Communal areas :

Our design office creates the concept and layout for the entire residence, in the spirit of large family homes with
warm, personalised environments.

- The reception area
- The main lounge
- Floor lounges
- The restaurant
- The family room
- Activity rooms
- The wellness lounge
- Circulation areas
- The offices
- The staff room
- Any other area that our customers wish to have specifically designed.

We also produce design books detailing each piece of furniture and each colour scheme for all the areas we work on.
We take particular care in accessorising spaces and finalising atmospheres:

- Floral decoration
- Cushions, curtains and net curtains
- Lighting
- Decorative objects
- Wall decoration (done in partnership with each residence to find a theme that will be the common thread
running through the project).

Adapted furniture is manufactured and/or selected for both residents and staff. This allows us to combine comfort,
aesthetics, ease of maintenance and the durability of each product.

Manufacture, installation and follow-up :


In our constant quest to be responsive and to optimise production costs, we have redesigned and grouped together
our production lines to create a division dedicated to this activity: the EHPAD division. All our furniture is
manufactured in Fondettes, on the outskirts of Tours (Centre Val de Loire).

This 'made in France' parameter is now a fundamental point for the majority of our customers, and the quality/efficiency/price ratio offers a perfect balance. What's more, manufacturing in France helps to reduce transport costs as part of a sustainable development approach. Today, sustainable development is essential to many players in the economy.

Our machinery is upgraded every year. This means that we are always at the cutting edge of new technologies and can
respond to our customers' needs with maximum efficiency.

Before each production launch:
- All the furniture is tested and validated by prototyping,
- Optimisation work is carried out. Offcuts are recycled to create added value.We use a varnish/paint booth that can be used to create any colour using a pigment base. This solution allows us to
react quickly, giving us total autonomy over the entire manufacturing process. Quality control is always carried out on
each piece. We also check the packaging.


We have dedicated teams of fitters for our customers, trained to work in nursing homes, because renovation work is carried out in occupied residences. This extremely important parameter requires a great deal of vigilance in terms of safety and impact on residents, and we respond to it:

- Systematic storage of equipment in crates,
- Doors must be locked,
- Minimum noise pollution from equipment and teams,
- Use of low-odour products.


We provide complete project management. We deliver turnkey projects for residential renovations:

- Electricity
- Plumbing
- Plasterwork,
- Painting,
- Fitting joinery,
- Furniture and decoration.

We draw up work schedules according to the possibilities of each residence (particularly for the renovation of
bedrooms), while maintaining a high degree of flexibility for last-minute changes required by the reality of working in this type of establishment. As a result of all this careful thought, we are now able to renovate spaces in record time, thanks to our different teams, and optimise costs overall.

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