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#3 Environmentally-Responsible Commitment, Certifications and Patents

In particular, we wish to:

- ensure a quality product while reducing our impact on the environment;
- sort and recycle waste as much as possible;
- reduce our environmental emissions;
- optimize our consumption of energy and raw materials;
- co-ordinate our environmental policy with our Quality and Safety procedures.

For example, we have installed:

- 1 dumpster for non-hazardous industrial waste
- 1 dumpster for wood
- 1 dumpster for cardboard and plastics
- 2 dumpsters for wood dust
- 1 dumpster for scrap metal
- 1 dumpster for aluminium
- 1 dumpaster for stainless steel
- 1 treatment tank for viscous waste
- 1 treatment tank for contaminated viscous waste containers

Discipline and rigour have enabled us to achieve these objectives while at the same time improving knowledge and control of these major targets.


We are ISO 14001 certified by Intertek France.

A commitment to our environmental performance carried out on a daily basis by all the teams and which contributes to sustainable development.




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