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#3 Manufacture

Always thinking about responsiveness and the diversity of our activities, Postforming has four workshops allowing us to have everything we need to answer autonomously to all the technical and aesthetic configurations of the projects:

The production shop :

This is the core of our business.

We make tables; counters; decorative partitions; fittings for cupboards, dressing rooms or kitchens; and also furniture specific to hotels, catering or any type of business.

We use a multitude of materials reflecting and adapted to the concept and the specifications of use: plywood, chipboard, PVC, solid laminate, melamine, laminate etc.

Corian® processing :

We are part of the Corian® Quality Network as an authorized partner of the brand.

Corian® is shaped and thermoformed. It can be used in a multitude of everyday articles (worktops, washbasins, counter ‘tops’) and also exceptional one-off pieces (sculptures, pieces with rounded forms integrating technical parts, counters with futuristic proportions).

There are endless possibilities with this versatile material.


Metalworking :

We have developed a recognised know-how in metallurgy and metal machining, in the processing of stainless steel and aluminium, as well as in bespoke and serial production. Equipped especially with punching and folding machines, we are totally autonomous in furniture-making.

Brigand traditional wood carpentry :

We have retained this traditional know-how which we use every day to make articles in solid wood, such as frames, door frames, benches or even one-off decorative elements to embellish certain styles of furniture.


Machine shop :

We regularly renew our stock of machines so that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

In particular, we have 8 machining centers (including a center with an integrated automated warehouse for optimized panel management, a center with veneer option and three 5-axis centers for complex shapes capable of machining a part on 5 of its faces. ), three digital saws (including a saw with an integrated automated magazine), an edge bander with automatic panel return, and five centralized vacuum groups.

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